Is the future of learning online?

15 Jun

What with one more year of undergrad left, I’ve been thinking a lot about grad school and, frankly, if it’s worth the money. I’m already going to have a substantial amount of debt from my four years at Portland State (and that is with a scholarship), so I’m really hesitant to rack up another $40,000 or so. If I did go, it would likely be to J school (probably through University of Oregon), but I’m not sure how much I would actually learn from a Multimedia Journalism or Strategic Communications program.

This is the first video (sorry, apparently WordPress doesn’t like videos, so no embed) in a series by Anya Kamenetz, whose book, DIY University: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education, was published last year. The take away? Two things: 1) I’ve just added a book to my reading list and 2) I’ll definitely be following this video series.


I want to get my FreakerUSA on!

1 Jun

This thing is genius.

They need some help, though. And there are only a couple of days left to back them. If it doesn’t happen? Nobody gets their FreakerUSA on. And that would only be sad.

Update: They’ve been funded! Celebrate!

via Kickstarter

Meet Howard. He’s a Pencil Plant.

30 Mar

About a week ago, my boyfriend surprised me with a little potted plant because I’ve become recently obsessed with succulents. And by “recently obsessed,” I mean I told him on more than one occasion that I really wanted one.

Thus, he bought me the plant pictured above, which I immediately named “Howard.” I didn’t know what Howard was until today, when I finally sat down to do some Google image searching. Turns out he’s a “Pencil Cactus,” or, as I prefer because a.) pencil cacti aren’t actually cacti and b.) the alliteration knocks my socks off, a “Pencil Plant.” A quick Google image search will show you how cool Continue reading

I guess I’m a little bit behind the times…

20 Mar

But I’m a QR code machine. Also, this one probably isn’t worth your time.


All of My (Facebook) Friends Are Getting Married

15 Mar

After the controversy sparked on my Facebook yesterday (over 140 comments on the link to yesterday’s blog post), I realize that this is probably going to piss some people off, too—though probably not to the same extent. I honestly don’t care if you’re married and if you’re happy, that’s great. I just think my opinion is equally valid. Also, I take this moment to apologize to my non-heterosexual friends, this is a pretty straight take on the matter.

I noticed this morning that another one of my Facebook friends is now married. I’m not going to name names or even give enough information that my other friends will figure out who she is, but I will say that she’s younger than I am (and I’m pretty damn young), and she and her husband (gah, that feels so weird to type) are Christian.

In the past, I’ve gotten into some pretty heated arguments about what I consider “legally binding yourself to someone before you’re capable of understanding your taxes,” or in Continue reading

Just One More Reason I Don’t Believe in God

14 Mar

As if I need another reason to detest God or his people. I’m going to resist the urge to break the flaws this video down sentence by sentence, because I have finals to be working on and I really shouldn’t waste my time.

I will say, however, that if she knew anything about that piece of fiction they call the “Bible” (because I think the Bible is a very telling piece of literature), then she’d know that the God of the New Testament wouldn’t have “literally taken Japan by the shoulders” and given them Continue reading

Happy International Women’s Day!

8 Mar

Living in the U.S., it is sometimes a little too easy to forget that we still live in a society that is pretty much controlled by men. I am in no way saying that men are the bad guys. I like men. Some men are really nice. But that doesn’t mean that even the nicest of guys doesn’t have more privilege in this culture than any given woman—especially if she Continue reading

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